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  • Above and Beyond
    Sat, Mar 25
    See things from God's perspective. He has a calling and purpose for your life that is greater than what you can imagine. Come up to His level at Above and Beyond, March 25, at Dawn of Hope Ranch in Florissant, Colorado.
What we teach

We teach on topics related to living an abundant life, including Identifying Your Calling, The Importance of Thought Life, The Word: God's Operating Principle, The Fruits of the Spirit, Wisdom: The Most Important Thing, Now Faith IsKnowing Our EnemyUnderstanding Our Redemption in Christ, Healing: By Hands, Words, and Acts of Faith, and Sowing and Reaping: Mastering Wealth for the Kingdom's Sake.


We are excited for the opportunity to minister and sow the Word of God into good soil. If you believe Life Abundant Ministries would be a benefit to your organization, there are a number of ways we can help you. We are available to travel and minister on site in multi-session seminars, workshops, men's/women's/youth meetings, revivals, conferences, and as guest ministers at regularly scheduled services. We also conduct teleconferences with small groups and for the purposes of staff training. We are flexible and willing to meet your needs.


For more information on Life Abundant Ministries and how we can serve your group, download and complete our Event Inquiry Form. Once completed, return it via email to We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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