We offer resources designed to equip and empower you for daily living. The digital edition of these books have been created especially for those of you who use smartphones and enjoy reading on the go. Click on the cover image to download your copy.

That They Might Have Life by Rachael Pico

Rachael shares how God turned a life-altering event into the inspiration for Life Abundant Ministries. Readers will also learn strategies to combat deadly negative thoughts and stand strong against the attacks of the enemy. "We don’t face our struggles the same way the world does. We don’t use the same weapons as other people, who don’t know God. We have God’s power available to us and can kick the devil out of our lives. People may try to convince us that the world’s ways are better, but we are the masters of our own minds. We are able to choose God’s thoughts and throw the others out like trash. Ideas may come to mind, but we are able to decide if they line up with what Jesus says."

Seed to the Sower by Rachael Pico

Rachael teaches on the laws of seedtime and harvest. Everything in God's creation works according to the power of the seed. With it, we are empowered to fulfill our mandate to "be fruitful, multiply, and replenish." By changing our perspective and seeing everything in our hands as seed, we bring whatever is within our reach back under the authority of God and make a tool for the growth of the Kingdom. It applies to money, time, goods, and even love. "Once you become a sower, you will look at people as soil. Instead of seeking people for what you can get out of them, you will be looking to people for what you can put into them. And Jesus, our Lord, will provide us with seed."

In the Name of Jesus LARGE.png
In the Name of Jesus by Bryce L. Pico

The Name of Jesus is not simply a tagline we put on the end of our prayers. As believers in Jesus Christ, we live in God’s Kingdom outpost on earth — His Name. In this book, Bryce examines the meaning and power behind the Name, and how we can draw upon it to enter our God-given authority. "Those within the Name of Jesus are free to choose their words and actions. If they let the Spirit lead, they’ll receive wisdom, make good decisions, and prosper. If they choose to follow the same rationale as those outside of Jesus, they open the door physical, mental, emotional, and financial disaster."

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