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If you feel like you are overwhelmed as a woman, wife, and/or mother, find out that everything you need is already available in Jesus Christ. Escape to the mountains of Colorado for the Good Enough Women's Conference and spend two days learning you are complete in Him.

Visit Dawn of Hope Ranch in beautiful Florissant, Colorado, for teaching, fellowship, and worship that will enrich your soul. Join Rachael Pico of Life Abundant Ministries as she shares on how you can get a hold of everything God has for you, and reconnect with the woman He made you to be.

Good Enough is scheduled for Friday, September 16, and Saturday, September 17, at Dawn of Hope Ranch, 178 Palmer Dr, Florissant, CO 80816. Registration is $35 and includes dinner, continental breakfast, and lunch. Overnight accommodations at Dawn of Hope Ranch are available at a discount.

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